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This website presents a collection of affidavits filed by plaintiffs who experienced harm at the hands of Seattle police in 2020. All the materials are a matter of public record in the court system, but we contacted plaintiffs through their attorneys to offer them the opportunity to opt out or remain anonymous. 

We worked with three legal organizations:

• American Civil Liberties Union
      Lead attorney Robert S. Chang
      Professor at Seattle University’s Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law & Equiality

• Sritmatter Kessler Koehler & Moore
       Lead attorney Karen Koehler • Cedar Law Group       Lead attorney Sarah Lippek


This website was created by a group of four volunteers associated with the University of Washington School of Public Health. We received no funding for the work, however, and consider the project “ad hoc.”

Amy Hagopian–PhD, Professor at the UW School of Public Health
She led a team to estimate mortality associated with the 2003 invasion of Iraq and teaches a course on “War and Health.” She’s also researched the migration of health workers from poor countries to rich ones, and works on homelessness and incarceration as health issues. She is active in the APHA’s international health section and peace caucus, and received the APHA’s Sidel Levy Award for Peace in 2018. She was frequently in attendance at the Black Lives Matter protests in Seattle during 2020.

Seth Kramer–MPH
Seth Kramer MPH is a graduate student at the University of Washington in the School of Social Work where he is focuses on clinical mental health services. He was injured during the protests of 2020 and has continued to support advocacy efforts for the Black Lives Matter protests in Seattle and further. He previously worked on a program and heath justice advocacy for community health programs in the West Bank, Palestine. 

Amy Ozinsky
Amy Ozinsky is an undergraduate student studying public health at the George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health. Witnessing how individual and community health were threatened during the 2020 protests, she is driven to foreground the role that the field of public health has in dismantling violent structures and systems that harm health and well-being.

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